Steps to Reducing Carcinogenic Exposures

Archived studies and news reports that expand the scope of Environment & Human Health, Inc.'s (EHHI) research reports about health and the environment.

Breast Cancer Report: What Science Knows, What Women Think
Environment and Human Health, Inc. commissioned the University of Connecticut’s Department of Public Policy to conduct a survey of female Connecticut residents about their knowledge, opinions and attitudes on breast cancer. A large majority of the women surveyed (83%) said they are somewhat (40%) or very
concerned (43%) about breast cancer. Click here to read more.

EHHI urges action to protect children and pregnant women from vehicle exhaust and cancer-causing exposures
Environment and Human Health, Inc.'s (EHHI) report calls for tougher standards to regulate vehicle emissions — especially for children and pregnant women. EHHi urges stronger precautionary regulation of carcinogenic chemicals by the federal government. Click here to download EHHI's report.

Hair-straightening products contain potentially toxic chemicals
Hair products used primarily by black women and children contain hazardous chemicals. Hair-straighteners contain endocrine disrupters, which have been linked to reproductive disorders, birth defects, asthma and cancer. Click here to read more.

Documents show industry hid data on toxic chemicals

Decades ago, a Harvard School of Public Health scientists said, "the only absolutely safe concentration for benzene is zero." Now, the Center for Public Integrity has created a searchable database showing a pattern of coverup by industry. Click here to read the news story.

An American tragedy: benzene and worker cancers
For decades, the petrochemical industry spent millions seeking to minimize the dangers of benzene, a carcinogen tied to leukemia and other cancers. The Center for Public Integrity released documents showing that industry spent at least $36 million on research "designed to protect member company interests. Click here to read the news story.

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EHHI's Breast Cancer Report and Brochure

Breast cancer afflicts a growing number of women of all ethnic backgrounds in the United States. According to the latest estimates from the American Cancer Society, breast cancer accounts for one-third of all cancers diagnosed in women. There are a number of known, as well as suspected, risk and protective factors.

Exposures to cancer-causing chemicals are particularly dangerous to children and fetuses whose brains and bodies are rapidly developing. Most people assume that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is sufficiently protecting people from harms, but these efforts are not enough to protect health.

For further information about the harmful effects of vehicle exhaust, download EHHI's report on breast cancer and learn how to avoid cancer-causing chemicals with 12 Steps to Reducing Carcinogenic Exposures.